Michele AchilliBorn in Milan, Italy, on 22 July 1931, Mr. Achilli recieved a degree in architecture from the Faculty of Architecture, Milan Polytechnic, where from 1966 to 1969 he was a lecturer and assistant of Pero Bottoni, with a focus on town-planning.

Winner of the IN-ARCH National Prize for Architecture in 1969, he has lectured on town-planning legislation at various Italian universities.

As a consultant to national governments, he served with both the Italian Ministry for Urban Areas and the Eritrean Ministry of Tourism. In the private sector, he has consulted the hoteliers, Forte Group Hotels-London, and Inter-Continental Hotels. On the local level, he not only is a member of the study group of the Milan Triennale, but also is a consultant of the Milanese Interborough Plan and the Territorial Landscape Plan of the Brescia Province. He has directed studies for environmental impact for the SNAM Metropolitan Plan of the Italian State Railroad ( Ferrovie dello Stato).

From 1981 to 1983, he has directed the weekly magazine North-South Dialogue, and since 1993, the monthly magazine Il Ponte.

Founder and, since 1979, chairman of the Institute for International Economic Cooperation (ICEI), he also founded and chairs the Italo-Eritrean Friendship Association.