Guido CanellaAn Italian, born in Bucarest, Romania, in 1931, Mr. Canella graduated with a degree in Architecture in 1959 from the Faculty of Architecture, Milan Polytechnic, where in 1970 he became and has remained a permanent professor of Architectural Design. Since 1997 he has taught at the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic's Milan-Bovisa campus. He also taught architectural design at the University Institute of Architecture of Venice.

A member of the National Academy of San Luca from 1990, he is the editor of Architettura e Città, a series of books for Dedalo publishers in Bari, Italy. He was the editor of Hinterland, an architectural and urban planning review (1978-1985) and Zodiac, an intrnational review of contemporary architecture.

His main publications are:

Il sistema teatrale a Milano
Dedalo publisher, Bari, 1966.
Università, ragione, contesto, tipo.
This book was co-authored with Lucio Stellario D'Angiolini. Dedalo publisher, Bari, 1975.

From 1979 to 1982 he was a member of the executive board of the XVI Milan Triennale. He is currently a member of the Scientific Committee of the National Group of Architecture of the CNR (National Center of Research). He won the National Prize IN/ARCH for architecture (1969) and the CICA Prize at the VI International Architecture Biennial in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1995).